Veni, Vidi, Vici

We Came,

We Saw,
We Conquered.
Est.. 2009



About [vVv]

When "MSN Zone" & "Gamespy" shutdown

[vVv]_Destroy666 & myself [vVv]_Stevo, came to "Gameranger".

 UDP was never a popular scenario, with "Gameranger" only new

to the scene & having a lack of "Age Of Empires" community, it

was almost impossible to play our favourite multiplayer scenario's.

Therefore, in 2009, we created & formed the [vVv]_Clan.

The purpose of [vVv] was to gain & add friends/members of the

"Gameranger" community who enjoyed playing "UDP" & "TD"

scenario's. Then we had the ability to create & invite each other to

our multiplayer games. The result of this was.. The increase of

players & game rooms within "Gameranger".


The number of "Gameranger" members playing "Age Of

Empires" rapidly grew.. & when members learn't what [vVv] was,

we grew too.  The [vVv]_Clan had 50+ members on its 8th day.


1) - No Hacking

2) - No Abuse (Racial, Verbal, Name Calling)

3) - [vVv] Members must use [vVv] Tag

4) - If you are P3 in UDP Scenario, You must Hunt

5) - No Quitters


Hackers - (Gameranger ID's)



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